Free Mario

Play all time most popular side-scrolling action game! Super Mario! The old school classic Super Mario game - Press arrow keys to control play Free Mario as he continues to run. Plains, underground, haunted houses, battleships, castles... Clear the course full of fun tricks to get to Bowser Castle, where Princess Peach is waiting.

Play the classic Super Mario Bros game free online

History of the Super Mario Bros. Classic

His design and conception is due to legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto. He first appeared in the video game Donkey Kong (1981) and was initially known simply as "Jumpman". Two years later, he began to be called Mario due to his physical resemblance to the owner of the first Nintendo offices in America, Mario Segale. His first proper title was Mario Bros, released in 1983, which also saw the first appearance of Luigi. Since then, the character has become a referent of popular culture, and the variety of games and appearances he has left is almost endless.

How to Play Free Mario Game?

  • You will have to face their usual enemies and collect coins to get points or mushrooms to become bigger and more powerful.
  • Jump, spin in the air, kick the cave..
  • collect coins and aim for the finish line while performing a variety of cool actions that change depending on the timing of your tap.
  • "Run, jump, and overcome. Go back to Bowser, who kidnapped Princess Peach."
    • Free Mario Game Controls

Free Mario Gameplay