About Super Mario

In 1981, when he had to save a woman in the game "Donkey Kong" and jump over obstacles to do so, he was pragmatically called "Jumpman". Mario got his real name in 1983, and is said to have been named after Mario Segale, the landlord of the house that housed Nintendo's US headquarters.16.09.2010

Two years later, the agile Jumpman character was given a new name and a new image: Jumpman was now called Mario, was no longer a carpenter but a plumber, and was Italian to boot.

How old is the Mario?

The answer shocks the entire Internet. In fact, Princess Peach is only 16 years old. Nintendo's figurehead Mario, on the other hand, is already 38 years old. A difference in age that shocks the fans and has now put Nintendo in the spotlight.